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2 and 5

Posted by Nicole Balchin on 31 July 2018
2 and 5

2 and 5

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables contribute to good health Protects us from a number of diseases. Helps us maintain a healthy weight range.

The Australian dietary guidelines ask us to consume 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of veggies a day. But did you know that approx.. 9% of adults and 6% of children consume the recommended daily serves..! CRAZY!

For a start lets understand the serving sizes better.

1 serving of vegetable = 1 cup
1 serving of fruit = 1 Medium Apple (150gm)

Now if your thinking that having 5 cups of veggies for dinner is a bit of an over kill, it is and totally not required.
Space it out over the day 2 served of your fruit is easy.. by just adding some avocado to your salad at lunch or mashed on toast for breakfast with some feta tomatoes another fruit, add to your lunch salad or again on toast for breakfast! Fruit comes in all shapes and sizes.. don't think you have to have an apple and orange each day think outside the (fruit) box.

Veggies carrot and celery sticks for morning tea, cauliflower soup salad for lunch, stir-fry for dinner (cabbage, onion, mushrooms, capsicums) EASY! But take note of how much your actually consuming 2 AND 5 Healthier. Happier.

Ordering fresh fruit and veggies from a local supplier, like ourselves, is much more easily affordable and FRESHER. Not just that but your supporting a local business and your local farmers. And you get free delivery! On top of that avoiding the lure of the supermarket for your grocery shopping, means you wont be tempted to buy more than you need.
Author: Nicole Balchin
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