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About Us

Do you want a healthy and happy work place?

The fruit that we deliver to your workplace is fresh from the local market (we were probably there this morning before your alarm went off). Where ever possible, we support our Australian Farmers, by selecting Australian grown produce. We only use the most trusted suppliers so that we can be confident that we are providing you with the best quality and freshest of fruit.

Why Use Us?

  1. Customer service (we don't just say it, we thrive on it!)
  2. Fresh AUSTRALIAN produce
  3. We are really great people to do business with.  It is our own business and we care!
  4. Cost effective way to improve staff morale and work towards healthier eating
  5. We listen! We can modify your orders to suit your requirements. We will work with you to make it cost effective.

But Enough About Us - What About You?

So back to our original question.. do you want to improve the health and moral of your staff?  Our fresh fruit, which is locally grown, can be delivered to your workplace on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly of adhoc basis.  Our quality fruit, beautifully presented, is always very welcomed one of the reasons we love doing the deliveries ourselves.

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