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Where's the Rain!

Posted by Nicole Balchin on 8 August 2018
Where's the Rain!
If you haven't been living under a rock, you would know that Farmers across Australia have run out of feed and are struggling to keep their stock alive. Think milk, beef, lamb, grains all the luxuries we can sometimes take for granted..

Do you walk through your shopping isle with everything you need conveniently at your fingertips, ever stopped to think about where it comes from? Can these farmers be happy knowing animals are going hungry and then be happy feeding themselves? No, of course not. These Aussies Farmers animals are not just suffering their families are suffering. And we can all help.

Our Aussie farmers grow their own stock to feed their animals, but because of below-average rainfalls recorded over the last 15 months (add to that July was the second hottest and driest since 2002), through central QLD, NW Victoria, SA and worst hit NSW means that soil moisture levels are below average and the once fertile land has dried up. . Nothing can grow and animals have nowhere to pasture

The longevity of no rain and rising debts and bills mean that spending around $9000 for 25 tonnes of hay to feed their animals is unthinkable for majority of farms. And the animals are not surviving. They are starving and dying.

Farmers are having to destroy their own stock or if possible sell their stock to abattoirs early because the cost of feeding the animals has become too great.

Not only are they battling through a drought. These farmers are fighting to save their livelihoods.


Many charities have set up fundraising efforts for drought-stricken farmers, here are some of them:

Help buy hay, water, groceries and diesel through Buy a Bale

Sponsor food hampers, care packs, store vouchers and feed through Drought Angels

Funds from Australian Red Cross's Disaster Relief and Recovery Appeal will be distributed where they are needed most

Go to Frontiers Service for information on how you can help the drought crisis

Money given to Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal will go to projects like repairing local meeting places, hosting events for farms, skill development to generate alternative income, mental health workers and paying for excursions and books so school kids don't miss out

Donations to Aussie Helpers help farmers with equipment, food and emotional support

Author: Nicole Balchin
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